How AARP works

Artis Turba launched it's own cryptocurrency named ARTIS on the Ethereum blockchain. There are 350,000,000 ARTIS created and the details can be viewed here . ARTIS like Bitcoin and Ethereum can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. The Artis Affiliate Reward Program (AARP) entitles ARTIS holders to a pro-rata share of 50% of the trading fee revenue generated on Artis Turba. 

To enable AARP, all you need to do is own and HODL (hold on for dear life) your ARTIS on Artis Turba. The earnings are automatically credited to your account daily based on the last 24-Hour's trading volume. Up to date data will also be provided and can be viewed on the AARP page. 


Example of AARP Pay-Out Calculation:

Step 1: Total Revenue Share

IF trading volume was $10,000,000 for the past 24 hours

AND 0.25% of that was collected in fees ($10,000,000 x 0.25% = $25,000 revenue collected)

THEN 50% shared with ARTIS Hodlers = $12,500 (paid out evenly to all ARTIS Hodlers)


Step 2: Revenue Split between ARTIS HODLERS

IF AARP Pay-Out equals $12,500

AND there is 350,000,000 ARTIS

THEN 1 ARTIS will receive $12,500 divided by 350,000,000 ARTIS = $0.0000357


Step 3: Pay-Out for the User

IF user has 10,000 ARTIS

AND AARP Pay-Out is $0.0000357 per 1 ARTIS

THEN 10,000 ARTIS will receive $0.0000357 x 10,000 = $0.35 for the day.